About Trademark Licensing

The Trademark Licensing Program is administered through the Office of Strategic Communications.

All individuals, organizations, non-profits and for-profit companies are required to obtain approval before using any of the university’s names or logos that are trademarks of the university. The U.S Patents and Trademarks Office defines a trademark as “a word, phrase, symbol or design, or a combination of words, phrase, symbols or designs, that identifies and distinguishes the source of the goods of one party from those of others.”

In order to use the university's trademarks, a vendor is required to enter into a licensing agreement with UC Davis. A license is a written legal agreement between the owner of the trademark (licensor) and a manufacturer/vendor (licensee). The license must be in place before use of the marks occurs.

Learfield Licensing Partners

The UC Davis Trademark Licensing Program has partnered with Learfield Licensing Partners to help manage the program.

Matt Dyste
Vice President, External Operations