Frequently asked questions

Are campus departments or student groups required to obtain permission to use the University names/marks/logos on items used as giveaways, fundraisers or for internal use (shirts for staff, plaques, etc.)?

Yes, in order for the university to maintain and protect its value, permission must be obtained from UC Davis Trademark Licensing and a licensed vendor must be used.

How does the artwork approval process work?

If you have completed the licensing process through Learfield Licensing Partners, you, the vendor, will receive information on submitting artwork through their interactive Web site. This site manages the entire artwork approval process online.

If my product is not going to be resold, do I still have to select a licensed vendor?

All items bearing University marks must be produced by a licensed vendor whether they are for resale or not.

How do I become licensed?

To start the licensing process, please contact:

Matt Dyste
Executive Director, External Operations, Learfield Licensing

How can I obtain a list of licensees?

A list of licensees can be found on the Licensed Vendors page.

What are the registered marks of UC Davis?

UC Davis registered trademarks are:

  • UC Davis®
  • University of California, Davis®
  • Go Ags™
  • Aggie Pride™

Along with the trademark verbiage listed above, UC Davis has trademarked logos. Below is our complete library of logos (click on each image to view it in a larger format). Licensed vendors of UC Davis have access to these logos in high resolution format.

  • Logo sheet 1
  • Logo sheet 1
Can I alter a logo or mark?

No. Altering a mark would dilute the integrity, strength and value of the mark.

Why is it important to purchase licensed merchandise?

UC Davis feels a strong responsibility to support our students, fans, alumni and supporters who believe they are buying officially licensed products that benefit the University. Further, UC Davis feels strongly about appropriately protecting the value and integrity of the trademarks, indicia, images and reputation.

How do I tell if merchandise is officially licensed by UC Davis?

To ensure that a product is licensed, look for the “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label and/or hologram sticker.

Signs of unlicensed or merchandise also include:

  • Product appears to be a very low quality
  • The UC Davis logos are distorted or manipulated
  • Trademarks are used in a distasteful way
What should I do if I find unlicensed merchandise?

To report an unlicensed product or vendor, please email

Why regulate the use of UC Davis’ marks?

The licensing program strives to regulate, promote and protect the commercial use of the University’s name and identifying marks, both on and off campus.

UC Davis benefits from public recognition of its images, and if properly managed, these images provide the critical unifying look that establishes a visual presence. The look then becomes identified with the quality of UC Davis’ programs, products and services and distinguishes its program from other universities.

What products cannot be licensed?

UC Davis trademarks may not be used in any manner that suggests or implies UC Davis’ endorsement of products, services, political parties or views, or religious organizations or beliefs.

UC Davis trademarks may not be used in connection with alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, tobacco, gambling, inherently dangerous products such as firearms and explosives, or sexually suggestive products or language.

How does the University ensure that licensed goods are not produced in “sweatshops” or illegally?

The University of California system follows the UC Code of Conduct (PDF) in order to ensure fair labor practices.

Where can I get more information?

For more information please call Doug Kouba, Assistant Director of Marketing, Trademark Licensing at 530-752-8676 or email

How long does it take to complete the licensing process?

The entire licensing process typically takes 14 to 21 business days but may take longer depending on the length of time an applicant takes to fulfill each requirement.

What can I do if I find a product that appears to be unlicensed?

Please call 530-752-8676 or email

I run Youth Sports team/program and would like use UC Davis names or logos on the uniforms and related publications, how do I receive permission from the university to do so?

Please call 530-752-8676 or email