Student groups

All student groups must source commercial and consumer products bearing any UC Davis trademark through a licensed vendor. Commercial and consumer products include goods for resale or to be given away. Commercial use is only permitted by license or authorization from UC Davis.

As mentioned above, items used for promotional purposes (giveaways, premiums, etc.) are considered commercial, but may be eligible for a royalty exemption if offered to an internal campus audience. Written requests for royalty exemptions from the respective campus department or group will be reviewed by the UC Davis Trademark Licensing office. Please do not assume, however, that products manufactured for a campus department or groups automatically qualify for a royalty exemption. All products are royalty bearing unless a completed royalty exemption form has been signed by a representative of the UC Davis Trademarks and Licensing office.

How To Get Merchandise Produced & Approved

Step One. If you are considering having emblematic products produced for fund raising or your own group’s use, contact Trademark Licensing for information. Trademark Licensing can provide you with lists of licensed manufacturers, screen printers or local retailers, and assist you in planning your products, graphic designs, and distribution channels.

Step Two. If you have decided to have emblematic merchandise produced, complete the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) artwork approval form.

Step Three. Center for Student Involvement (CSI) will respond promptly with an approval or reason for disapproval of your application for Internal Trademark Use. If your application is approved, you may proceed with the ordering process.

Step Four. Once approved, you may order your products according to the standard purchasing guidelines and proceed with your approved distribution plan.

Please Note:

  • CSI/Trademark Licensing cannot approve an application for Internal Trademark Use until a licensed manufacturer has been established. If the manufacturer you have indicated on your CSI Design Approval Form does not have a license to produce UC Davis emblematic merchandise, CSI/Trademark Licensing will inform you. You may then choose to use a different manufacturer who holds a license, or your preferred manufacturer may request an application for licensing. If the quality of the manufacturer's product is approved, Trademark Licensing will grant your preferred manufacturer a license.
  • If you are having merchandise produced for resale (even for sale at cost), a royalty rate of 7.5% will be affixed to the manufacturer's price. You may also affix this 7.5% royalty fee to your selling price, to cover the additional expense. In addition, merchandise produced for resale must also bear the Strategic Marketing Affiliates label, to indicate its authenticity.
  • Trademark Licensing will be happy to offer assistance in every possible capacity. Don't hesitate to ask for help.

Feel free to contact us for further assistance.